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Sirius Wallet – English Bridle in Burgundy 🍷💚
Sirius Wallet – English Bridle in Burgundy 🍷💚

Sirius Wallet – English Bridle in Burgundy 🍷💚

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Handcrafted Excellence, Burgundy English Bridle 🌟🇺🇸

Key Features

Distinctive English Bridle:

Experience the unmatched character of Wickett & Craig English Bridle leather, crafted into the Sirius Wallet in a rich "Burgundy" color. Each piece is a work of art, ready to ship for an instant style upgrade.

Vibrant Green Thread:

Adding a pop of personality, this wallet features stitching in lively green thread, accentuating the craftsmanship and individuality of your ready-to-ship accessory.

Why Choose the Sirius Wallet

Instant Style Upgrade:

Your Sirius Wallet isn't just a wallet; it's an instant style upgrade. Stand out with the distinctive charm of Burgundy English Bridle leather and vibrant green stitching, ready to ship for your convenience.

Handcrafted Excellence:

Crafted with precision and care, each wallet is a testament to the artistry behind Hound Valley Goods. Elevate your style with a piece that's uniquely yours, shipped out next day.

Ready to Ship – Upgrade Now!

This ready-to-ship beauty showcases the artistry of Hound Valley. Explore customization options on our Made to Order page to choose your preferred leather color and thread for a personalized Sirius Wallet. Your style, your way. 🎨👜

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Questions or Special Requests? 🤔📬 Reach out on our Contact Page for customization or just to chat. We're here for you.