Meet the Maker

Boomer - the owner and maker behind Hound Valley Goods

Howdy! My name's Boomer. I'm the guy that makes the wallets. I'm a Jesus follower, husband, dad, and a Cleveland sports fan. I started Hound Valley Goods in 2021 as a means to get through the last leg of the pandemic. I find that making something tangible and functional with my hands is one of the greatest joys in life.

I used to carry one of those hard wallets held together with elastic, which was fine; but it had no character. When I looked at leather wallets, I spotted a whole array of issues. Too expensive, too cheap, too bulky, not enough space for everything I need; the list goes on. 

My hope with Hound Valley Goods is to create high quality goods that rival/exceed the quality that you'd expect from big luxury brands at a fraction of the price. My designs are unique and innovative to support individuals with a whole host of different preferences; from a more minimalist carry all the way to a George Costanza.

I'd love to mkae you your next wallet. If you're interested, you can look through my custom selection if you want to choose your leather and thread color or my ready to ship wallets if you want something faster!