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Handmade Minimalist Leather Bifold Wallet - Maggie

Handmade Minimalist Leather Bifold Wallet - Maggie

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Introducing the Maggie Minimalist Bifold Wallet

Your go-to partner for daily adventures. 🌟 Handcrafted in the good ol' USA, this wallet isn't just a card holder; it's your wingman in the journey of life.

Material Magic:

We scored some primo Badalassi Carlo's Minerva leather straight from Italy. It's full-grain veg-tanned goodness – feels like a dream, lasts like a champ. 🇮🇹

Color Vibes:

Got a thing for colors? We feel you. Pick from 6 leather shades and 6 thread hues. Wanna mix it up or go wild with a combo not listed? Hit us up here. We're up for the challenge. 🎨

Handmade Hype:

Made in the land of the free, hand-sewn with love. This wallet isn't just stitched; it's crafted with the kind of attention you'd give your favorite playlist. Made by us, for you. 🤝❤️

Slim Reaper:

Slimmer than your last Insta filter – 4" tall by 2.75" wide. A bifold that won't bulk up your vibe. Slide it in, forget it's there – that's the plan. 📏👖

Card Shark:

Inside? Two pockets on each side for your plastic pals. Outside? A solo pocket for that one card you swipe 20 times a day. Cash? Halve it, quarter it, tuck it behind. Keep it low-key and organized. 💳💸

Forever Buds:

We're in it for the long haul. Made from leather that'll age like a fine wine. Threads acting up? Don't sweat it – we're on standby with a lifetime commitment to fix 'em up. 🍷🧵

Your Call, Your Wallet:

Pick the leather, pick the thread – it's like building your own pizza, but cooler. Wanna go beyond? Shoot us a message at our contact page. Let’s make it yours. 🌈✨

Born in the USA, Living with You:

Crafted by our hands, meant for yours. The Maggie wallet isn't just an accessory; it's here to roll with you. Ready to grab yours and let the good times (and good wallets) roll? 🚀🌟

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