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Guster - Ready to Ship

Guster - Ready to Ship

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The Guster is a sleek little cardholder style wallet. It has 3 total pockets that are a result of 2 pieces of leather folded around themselves. Your most used card goes in the back, while the rest of your cards go in the bank up front (4-5 cards). You can then put a few quartered bills in the front pocket.

All of my wallets are made using full grain veg tan leather. This is the best leather you can buy. It gets better with age, developing a unique patina. It's also the most durable leather, so this thing can be in your pocket for years on end. No more buying a new wallet every other year at a big box store.

All of these wallets are ready to ship and will ship out next day (M-F) so you can start carrying it quick! If you love the look of the Guster but aren't seeing one you like, you can check out the custom Guster page to choose your own leather color (Minerva) and thread color. If you want something a little more custom, like 2 different colors or a unique leather like Shell Cordovan, contact me here and let's get to work!

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