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Buck - Ready to Ship

Buck - Ready to Ship

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The Buck is my best seller. It’s a unique solution to a common problem - how do I still carry a decent amount of cards and cash but keep a slim wallet that can fit in my front pocket?

the Buck has a small form factor, but allows you to carry 8+ cards plus cash. You have a quick access pocket on the back for your most used card, a pocket under the flap for your second most used card, and a big bank that comfortably holds 6-7 more cards plus halved cash. It’s a great design that keeps things compact while still looking great and carrying a good amount.

All of my wallets are made using full grain veg tan leather. This is some of the highest quality leather known to man. This means that these wallets won’t deteriorate over time and will get more beautiful as they age, patina-ing (not sure if that’s a word) uniquely to you. Every scratch, dent, and change of color tells a story about who is carrying the wallet. 

Most of these wallets will be 1 of 1, so act fast! If you want a Buck but don’t see what you want, check out the custom Buck page

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