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Buck - Natural Pueblo w/ yellow thread

Buck - Natural Pueblo w/ yellow thread

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The Buck is named after my childhood best friend; my grandparents yellow lab. He was the most patient, loving dog I’ve ever met. 

This handmade leather wallet offers sleek design and functionality. It will hold a great deal of cards and cash, while still remaining thin. 


  • Quick access card slot on back for most frequently used card
  • Tuck flap to secure your belongings
  • Pocket for second most used card
  • Large bank that will hold upwards of 8 cards and some cash
  • Full-grain leather.
  • hand-stitched seams. Hand sewing is substantially stronger than machine sewing and will last much longer.
  • Free repairs - This wallet should last you years. If a thread ever breaks, contact me for a free repair. 
  • Free shipping! Free shipping on all orders in the continental US
  • Made in America - This wallet is made with my 2 hands, not overseas by someone getting paid pennies. 
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