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AirTag Keychain - Natural Pueblo

AirTag Keychain - Natural Pueblo

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Never lose your keys, camera, or dog ever again! Apple AirTags connect with your iPhone to help you find your lost items. It uses GPS to geolocate the tag. 

The tricky part is finding something stylish to attach your AirTag to the things you lose most. That was until now! The Hound Valley Goods AirTag keychain allows you to securely attach your AirTag (not included) to your articles using antique brass hardware that is as beautiful as it is strong. 

These keychains are handcrafted in the USA using Pueblo leather in the natural color from Italy’s Badalassi Carlo tannery. This leather will age as it’s carried and bumped around, developing a beautiful medium to dark brown color and a mirror-like shine. The longer you carry it, the better it gets. Pick yours up and start your patina journey today.

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